Food Truck Menu



Pulled Pork Sandwich w/one side $7.00
Brisket Sandwich w/one side $8.00
Half Slab of Ribs w/one side $12.00
Cajun-douille Sausage Po'Boy w/one side $8.00
Brisket Philly Sandwich w/one side $10.00
Buffalo Chicken w/Bacon & Beer Cheese w/one side                                $10.00
Brisket Melt w/Swiss on Sourdough w/onw side $9.00
Brisket Wrap w/one side $8.00
Buffalo Pork Sandwich w/one side $8.00
BBQ Parfait: $5.00
(Your choice of meat and two sides in a clear Solo cup.)  
Extra Sides $2.00
Cole Slaw   
Mac n Cheese  
Baked Beans  
Corn Pudding  
Soft Drinks $1.00